I’m Cursed

So last post was all about how I’m finally starting to get some energy back after adjusting to my big new workload and am finally starting to feel like I want to knit again… Well, says the Universe, We’ll see about that. Last post I showed you my Mojo socks:


If you look at the picture you can see the sock is on one circular needle. It’s only a 24″ needle which means that it’s impossible to work magic loop on. It’s arranged that way because the Yarn Destroyers, aka


decided that they didn’t like the two-circs method of sock knitting and plotted to relieve me of one of the needles I was using by chewing through it. I transferred all the stitches to the one remaining needle, but I can’t actually work on the sock now…

That’s OK, I say to myself, I’ve got a lot of other WIPs that I could give some attention to. So I pulled out my Climbing Vines┬ápullover that’s been languishing in a box of “needs to be sorted through” stuff from the move. Back in Wisconsin I had completed the back and one sleeve, but once I moved to New Mexico working with aran-weight angora in the blazing summer didn’t seem very attractive. Once I got to Oregon it wasn’t as hot outside, but I have no air conditioner so until it cooled off here I had the same heat-induced adversity to working on the project. Now it’s become pleasantly cool and the sweater became a very attractive project. So I blazed through the second arm and was working away on the front. Then, I decided to put my knitting in my purse, just in case an opportunity to work on it while running errands presented itself. Apparently, one of the needles was sticking out a bit because as I walked up to the check out counter at the grocery store I must have clipped one of the displays because the next thing I hear is a snapping noise. Bye-bye number 7. Now, I don’t know if you remember, but I already broke my number 7s while working on this project and had to order a new set. I don’t know if this particular project is cursed or if it’s just me…

Now I do have two other projects that really do deserve attention, but come on universe! I was really on a roll with both projects and I want to work on THEM dang it! By the time the replacements arrive I’ll have lost all the momentum I built up and I’ll have to start getting enthusiastic all over again.

The truely problematic question is, be good and work on WIPs? or comfort myself by starting and exciting new project?

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  1. Melanie

    Do you know if I ever started Fractal Danger?
    I know I wanted to do it, but I can’t find it in my stock.

    Thank you

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