The sweater I got to wear three times

Sadly, I’m almost finished updating you on all the projects I’ve completed in the past six months… There’s only one more after I show you this sweater. Then I can move on to showing you all the things that are on my needles currently… all TEN of them.

This project you’ve actually partially seen before. Here. And here. And here. But here it is for the first time completed.


This is my climbing vines pullover by Joelle Meier Rioux. The pattern was in the Winter 2008 issue of Interweave Knits, I loved it when I first saw it, but needless to say it took me a while to get around to finishing it. I started it in Wisconsin because I wanted to stash-bust the slightly bulky yarn before moving. Sadly, I didn’t quit finish and ended up just having to move the half-finished sweater. Then I spent the summer in New Mexico and didn’t really feel like working with a wool/angora blend. I finally picked it back up during the Portland winter.


The yarn is Berroco Pleasure which has been discontinued. It was picked up for me at a sale at my Wisconsin LYS for a song. The original price is about $14 per ball, but after all the discounts, I got it for about $5 per ball. The sweater bloomed quite a bit in the wash and does have a halo now from the angora but not terribly. It’s so snuggly, I find myself cuddling my arms and belly when I wear it… Probably I should make sure too many people don’t see me doing that…


Of course, basically as soon as I finished this, the weather turned beautiful and much to warm for wool. I managed to wear it about three times before the heat made it impossible, but now it is in my closet waiting impatiently for next winter.

The one single problem with this sweater is that it can’t be machine washed and it takes forever to dry. Its hard to find a place to lay it out for three days straight in my small apartment and with my cats… This is the 4th adult-sized sweater that I have completed and I have loved each of them so much. Luckily I have two more on the needles, which you will see soon, so hopefully there will be more in the future.

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  1. I like the shape of the finished product – that’s a nice sweater pattern.

    I too have experienced a major lack of knitting in my life this year. It’s been so sad – and now that it’s summer and I have more time, I just cannot sit and knit when it’s 100 degrees out. Blegh.

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