Um… Hi! Remember me?

Wow, I can’t believe that the last time I posted anything was in November… I could have sworn that I at least posted over Christmas and Spring break… I must have dream-blogged. Sadly this thing called law school has been sucking up every minute of my free time since the end of August. My senior year of undergrad (when I was finishing three majors, working 4 jobs, and writing a 60 page honors project) I managed to complete 25 knitting projects according to ravelry. This year, as a 1L in law school, not working any job and only volunteering about 3 hours a week, I finished 7…

Rather than one giant post about everything I’ve done in the 6.5 months since November, I am going to try to post about one or two things and just post frequently… As the only job I could find for the summer is part time, this should be more than doable.

Chronologically, the next project you should see is are my Irrationally Constant Mittens made over Christmas break. These were my first real colorwork project, and my first real felted project. They were also the first knit gift I gave to Ryan, my new boyfriend (Andrew and I are still on good terms, but no longer together. As this is not a blog about my social life, that is all you need know.) Ryan accepted the nerdy knitwear with much thanks and many comments on my skill. Clearly, he is a keeper.


The left hand has the number pi spiraled around it and the right hand has the number e – both frequently used constants in the math world. Ryan was a math major in college and has a job tutoring kids of all grades in math. I think my favorite part of these are the thumbs which have a pi and e symbol worked on them.


These were made from Knit Picks Palette held double to achieve a worsted gauge. The background color is Ash, and the letters are done in Fog. I got this yarn for less than a dollar a ball from someone destashing on Ravelry. These were made using size 4 dpns and it took me a while to figure out how to do colorwork across the switch to a new needle without making it too tight or too lose.

I’m not sure if it was my gauge or if the patter is just written big, but these seemed to be right size when I finished knitting (about a man’s medium) but as soon as I put them in water to block, they grew to the size of oven mitts. As they were completely useless to me at that size I had to take a drastic step… I put them in the laundry. They felted beautifully, they may have come out just a smidge smaller than where they were before hitting the water, but Ryan has assured me many times (due to my asking many times) that they fit well. I have seen him wear them in public which I take to mean he actually likes them.

The pattern is free and charted very well, but there are really no written instructions at all so a few times I had to guess as to how I was supposed to execute some of the shaping. Overall these took about 5 days of off and on work and turned out very well after the felting. Palette felts amazingly and was really nice to work with. I have quite a lot of it stashed because I like the huge variety of colors it comes in. I foresee using it for many more colorwork projects.

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