Another one bites the dust

(Tell the truth, did you start singing? Don’t be embarrassed, I always do…) Silly blog titles aside though, I finished another project! Never mind that it was the simplest project I had on the needles, and the one most likely to be finished quickly, I finished it. Now there are only seven projects in progress, which is a big improvement on the 10 I had going. Here are my Thrummed Mittens from the pattern that the Yarn Harlot posted in her blog years ago (2004). The pattern starts in the linked posts and goes on for two more posts.


I knit both cuffs at once using magic loop, then the project sat around for 7 months, then I finished both mittens in about 5 days. The pattern is not super precise, it has directions like “knit until the body of the mitten is long enough for your hand” but if you’re comfortable with those EZ style directions, then it’s a pretty darn good pattern. Here is the obligatory photo of the mitten turned inside out.


I may have been a little overzealous with the size of the thrums on the first mitten, but I calmed down a bit for the second one, this means that one hand is slightly more “poofy” than the other, but I defy you to tell my which one by looking.

The yarn I used is Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in the color Natural, and the roving is Mountain Top targhee wool from Sweet Grass Wool the color doesn’t have a name, but “bubblegum” would be very appropriate. I tried to spin it last summer, and so far have one ply, but it sticks to itself so much that its hard for new-spinner me to draft it. Now that I have used what I need for these mittens, I will go back to trying to spin it.

These are slightly awkward to knit at first because there is wool roving puffing up the mitten and vying for finger space on the needles as you knit, but after the first few rounds it’s not too hard to adjust and make accommodations for the roving. This is what it looks like as you knit.


In other fantastic news, I have a job in a yarn shop! It’s only weekends, which is a minor bummer, but, um, it’s a YARN shop! It’s a really funky place, Yarnia, on SE Division St. if anyone from Portland, OR reads my blog. You make your own yarn in our yarn shop. This does not mean you spin it. We have tons and tons of “ingredient” cones in different colors and fibers, and you mix and match them, then we hook it up to a big ol’ machine that puts it on a cone for you. If you can’t possibly fathom what I’m saying, follow the link and watch the short video. There is also a Yarnia blog where different yarns and projects are showcased. Actually, I have to get out of my PJs and ready for work now. Next post you will see more shameful WIPs, I promise.

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