WIPs march of shame (part four)

Since I showed you my two newest WIPs last post, it’s time to go back into the archives and show you another oldie. After this post, I will only have three more posts-o-shame to get you all caught up on the projects that have been languishing for more or less time in my knitting basket.

Here is my GreenGable Hoodie by Mari Muinonen from the Fall 2008 issue of VogueKnitting.


I started knitting this in November and thought it would be a really quick knit since it’s made out of bulky-weight yarn. It does knit up very quickly… when I knit on it. The problem is, winter finals came around and I stopped working on it, and I didn’t exactly mark where I was in the instructions… I know it probably wouldn’t take me more than 10 minutes to sit down with the pattern and the instructions and work out where I’m at, but I don’t have too much enthusiasm for bulky-weight wool right now since it’s been over 90 degrees here all week and I have no air conditioning.

The yarn is Knit Picks Swish Bulky 100% Superwash Wool in the colorway Adobo. I put it in my Knit Picks wish list when it was being discontinued and was lucky enough to be given 13 skeins of it. So far I’ve used 4 so I’m thinking I’ll be able to get two sweaters. I’ll have to find a pattern that’s drastically different so people won’t realize that I have two sweaters of the exact same color… or maybe I can make up some chunky hats and mittens to donate to the homeless shelter here in Portland. That idea kinda makes my heart happy.

Sadly I haven’t made much progress toward finishing any WIP since I keep jumping from one to another working 10-20 rows on something before moving on to the next project. When you have 9 projects all growing an inch at a time it takes a while to show progress. This week I must knuckle-down and finish something.

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