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Finals stress is in really starting to get to me.  I’ve been spending the majority of every day in the library with my corporate tax books… who would have thought it’s a complicated subject… (most foolish class choice ever… screw being a well rounded candidate for jobs.)  I have been taking my knitting with me every day, and it makes such a difference.  My system is to set myself up in a walled off study cubical (the ones by the windows are prime study real estate) spread out all my books on the desk and put my knitting within reach.  I work for 45 minutes then I take a 15 minute knitting break.  I find the 15 minutes I “lose” knitting gives me time to process the information I’ve just crammed into my brain and gives me a chance to evaluate whether or not I understand what I’ve just put in my outline.  Go ahead, ask me about §351 nonrecognition exchanges, I dare you.

As a result of all this study knitting (plus my “unwinding” knitting at night) I’ve completed three projects.  This was the first.  It took a while to get it onto the blog because I had to wait for a nice enough day to go out and get some picture.


It’s my Gamine tank that I showed you half finished a little while ago.  Cathy Carron’s super easy pattern is in the Summer 2010 Interweave Knits.  I knit the pattern almost exactly as written.  The only change I made was to hold off on the lace until the top was long enough to go over my pants.  I want the option of wearing this in the summer without something underneath it so eyelets all over the belly were less than desirable.  I like the lace as just a detail at the bottom.


The yarn is from Yarnia.  It’s one of the house blends called “Spring” which is a totally appropriate name.  It’s one strand brown-green cotton-rayon blend, one strand sage green cotton, one strand pale green cotton, two strands lime green merino, and one strand shimmery green lurex.  The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, but this yarn is classified as DK.  I think Yarnia yarns tend to run a bit on the thick side, and I find it very easy to knit a Yarnia DK to a gauge more typical of worsted yarns.  This picture shows the color particularly accurately.


I was not expecting to have my picture taken…  I’m so proud of myself for actually finishing a project in time for it to be seasonable (I’ve been told spring is coming… I have faith.)  Usually I’m just finishing sweaters, mittens, scarves as the 80 degree weather is setting in.  This time, my stretchy cotton tank will be ready to go as the temps start to rise.


Other than finishing up knitting projects and spending hours and hours in the library my life is extremely boring right now.  I would kill for a few extra hours just to clean my apartment… but it seems that the next two weeks will be too busy.

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