Ryan’s present

This year, Ryan is getting an iPod (he’s already got it, so there’s no risk of spoiling the surprise.)  His old iPod was stolen from his car earlier in November.  It was the second time someone has broken into his car and taken his iPod.  (Consequently, it’s been easy for me to think of presents the past two years.)  Along with this year’s iPod, I gave Ryan this:


It’s an iPod case with a long i-cord attached to it.  It’s not pictured because I was hasty but I attached the other end of the i-cord to a lobster clip.  The idea is that Ry can clip the iPod to himself so that he wont forget to take it out of his car.  It sucks that people are such jerks.  What sort of messed up sense of entitlement do you have to have to think it’s OK to break into someones car and take something?  Jerks.  Pure jerks.

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