Good night

Tonight, my 21 year old brother (who also lives in Portland) came over to my apartment and we watched Tangled.  We both laughed.  A lot.  It’s not as good as The Emperor’s New Groove, but it’s the closest Disney has gotten in a long time.  Ten years between hits is a long time.  When I wasn’t laughing too hard, I worked on Arroway but I can’t bring myself to show you another picture of garter ridges.  I’ll wait for the FO and show you some good ones.  Tangled is on Netflix watch instant.  Watch it.  Laugh.

2 Replies to “Good night”

  1. Tangled doesn’t make me laugh, it makes me cry. Every time. I guess I’m just a sucker for romance. When they’re in the boat and that cheesy duet is happening and the lights are floating around… I just lose it.

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