Wanderer Cap

This week I knit a hat in 2 days.  Really, I could have easily done it in one day but I didn’t have my dpns on hand the first day to finish the crown.  I love instant gratification projects.

I love the book Weekend Hats that was released in the fall.  It’s got some amazing hats in it, and this one is no exception.  This is Wanderer Cap by Jared Flood.  It’s pretty simple.  Mostly garter stitch with 6 slip stitch cables that twist around the crown in a spiral.  The pattern is only charted, not written.  I found that after a few rounds I could “see” where the pattern was going and didn’t have to refer to it every row.
The yarn I used was amazing.  It was Elsebeth Lavold Baby Llama, 100% llama, colorway dark brown.  (Sometimes I like it when colors have obvious names rather than fanciful ones.)  It’s amazingly soft.  Ryan loves Alpaca and this has the same silky smooth texture.
Since I know that other camelid fibers like alpaca can lose shape I knit this hat entirely on size 6 needles rather than the 7s and 8s called for.  It looked very small coming off the needles, but after washing and blocking over a balloon it ended up the perfect size.
Man do I love that smile!
Ryan says it is the best beanie I have made for him yet.  This sounds like a challenge.

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