I made it

At the beginning of the month, I made a secret resolution to blog every day for a month just to see if I could.  Well, today is January 31, and this is my 31st blog post of the year.  I’m sure they haven’t all been the most exciting thing on the web, but I did a lot more showing off of my WIPs than I normally do and it motivate me to take more “in progress” photos.

My blog marathon was made easier by the fact that over winter break I had finished up a lot of projects and so had a backlog of cool things to show you.  Now that school is ramping up my knitting tim is petering out and my progress is much less impressive.  (Unless you want to see my daily fingerless-glove progress… I could show you what it looks like every 4-10 rounds.  Could be fun… right?)

Now that the month is over, I don’t think I’ll push myself as hard to make sure I have a post every day, but I have enjoyed having it as a regular part of my routine and hope to remain somewhat diligent.  Soon there will be good-quality picture of Arroway, I promise.  It’s just that it’s dark by the time I get home Monday and Tuesday.  Hopefully tomorrow I can catch some light and get some good pictures up for you.

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