Over the past few months I’ve been showing you the fruits of my participation in Stephen West’s Westknits Shawl Club.  First there was Sharktooth.  Then there was Arroway.  Then Oeste.  Now Vulpix.


It’s definitely my favorite so far.  First, the colors are amazing.  The yarn choice for this installment was Skein Top Draw Sock.  The blend is 85% merino, 15% nylon and, while this is a very common fiber blend for sock yarn, it is some of the softest yarn I’ve ever worked with.  It is a little splitty and loosely spun for sock knitting but for a shawl it was perfect.
I love how long and shallow the shape of this shawl is.  It’s really more like a scarf that gets a little wide in the middle.  It’s over seven feet long.  The middle pannel is done with intarsia and the stripes are done with short rows so it’s a very fun project technique-wise.  The blok of garter stitch in the middle was pretty boring, but once you finish it you are rewarded with more short-row fun.
The package for the final installment of the shawl club arrived in the mail on Monday and it’s already cast on.  It should be fun, but I can already tell that it won’t be knocking Vulpix out of the special place in my heart.  More on that later.

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  1. I’m currently knitting the Vulpix shawl and I’m stuck on Section 3 and the Japanese short row method? Do I need to go to the first gap, turn and purl to the end. Go to the next gap, turn and purl to end. This doesn’t seem right to me as there are 28 gaps on each side which would be a total of 56 more rows and yarn over increases after the 3rd stitch. Can you help me understand this? Thanks! Joan

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