Here Yarnie-yarnie-yarn. Here Yarnie.

I swear it was in my hands not two minutes ago.  I set it down to do… something (I think…) and by the time I turn around, it’s gone.  Where is my yarn?!  I only have 700 sq ft here.  It’s not like there’s that many places it could be.  It’s even relatively clean here at the moment.

I took this superwash merino fiber that I got at Sock Summit 2011

I spun it up into a single that was a bit thinner than a fingering weight.  When I spin finer yarn I have trouble spinning singles without getting corkscrews.  Any suggestions?
Then I plied the single against itself using the Navajo plying method.  I have never tried Navajo plying before and I’ll admit to some serious swearing for the first half hour or so.  It felt like I was never going to get the coordination right to keep an even twist, make the long Navajo chains, and keep the single from plying back on itself when it lost slack coming off the lazy Kate.
In this close-up you can see that the later strands look just like real yarn, but the strands from the beginning of my efforts are less than wonderful.
Those last two photos are of the yarn after it has been washed and snapped.  This afternoon it was dry and I skeined it up on the niddy-noddy and was going to take a final picture of it when… poof it seems to have disappeared.  I suspect wool gnomes.
Pretend that this is a picture of beautiful cream-brown marled merino wool, about 150 yards of DK weight.  Pretend its looks soft and sqooshy and perfect for a Dustland Hat.

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  1. Oh you caught me, I took it when you weren’t looking~ because its awesome and fabulous and I’m slightly jealous that you have a spinning wheel! :] It looks great, I can’t wait to try navajo plying!

  2. Pretty yarn! I can’t believe you lost it! I love brown… maybe it’s here in my stash somewhere. I still don’t have the balls to try Navajo plying. Good on ya!

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