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New Socks

in Blog, Feet, Knitting by oftengrumpy

May was a month of finishing projects.  I finished my last Westknits Shawl Club shaw Cumulonimbus.  I finished my brother’s birthday present gloves.  I finished my ugly Dahlia.  And just at the end of the month I managed to get my Pomotomous socks off the needles.

As you can see this pattern has over 4,000 projects on Ravelery.  The swirly shell pattern is beautiful and the twisted stitches really make the pattern pop.  I’ve been tinkering on these on and off for a very long time.  They rode the bus with me to the legal clinic all year long, but it’s hard to make significant progress knitting 4-5 rounds at a time.
The yarn is one of the first cones I ever bout from Yarnia, it’s one of their custom house blends called Arch Cape.  If they don’t have it in their store right now, I bet they can make you up something very similar.  They’re super accommodating like that–super nice.
This pattern creates a very long sock leg.  I think if I make it again I will only repeat the pattern twice on the leg rather than three times.  Cookie A‘s pattern is written very clearly and is easy to follow, but the pattern is only charted so you have to be able to read charts.
Unfortunately, June is not the best time to be finishing wool socks.  I’ll have to pack them away until it starts to get cold again.  If you want to check out other projects that people have been casting off this week, you can check out Tami’s Amis blog where’s she’s collects FO links.

12 Responses to “New Socks”

  1. Kristen says:

    Beautiful socks!

  2. Kim Sonksen says:

    LOVE them. The pattern and colour are fantastic

  3. I also just finished an alpaca hat. Funny how that happens right at the beginning of the summer. Love the color of the socks.

    • Melanie Rose says:

      I never finish anything in the “appropriate” season. I think it’s because I think “Hey, it’s fall, I need a sweater” so I cast one on, but it takes until May to get it off the needles.

  4. Babajeza says:

    Your socks are beautiful. I love the colour and the pattern.

  5. Kim Sonksen says:

    Hi Melanie, the details for my scarf are all here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/ksonksen/sojourn-falls-scarf
    Hope that helps and thanks fro stopping by at my blog

  6. mkonieczki says:

    These are beautiful! I have to add this pattern to my favorites so I can knit a pair for myself!

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