I know I’ve mentioned several times that I’m in the process of studying for the bar exam. It’s a pretty soul sucking process. The review class I’m in seems to think I need to spend 10 hours a day studying. The only upside is that many of those hours are lectures and review videos, which, to me, translates into knitting time. There’s plenty of research that suggests that engaging your hands while taking in information (like by doodling, playing with a bean bag, etc.) actually helps you retain and recall the information better. I’m convinced knitting is the same… Which is great because even if it were bad for retention, I’d still probably knit through the boring videos.

Recently, my project of choice has been Spectra by Stephen West. It’s fantastically addicting, and after you’ve made about 2 wedges you’ve got the pattern memorized (which is good because there are 85 wedges total.)

The yarn for the wedges is Zauberball (lost the tag so I don’t know the colorway) and the border is done with Cascade Heritage Silk. Both were purchased this March during the Portland yarn crawl. Ryan was kind enough to surprise me with the Zauberball in Twisted when I gushed over a store sample of Spectra in the same colorway. He’s awesome like that.

I love the colors this yarn transitions through, red to purple to red to orange to red to purple. Basically all my favorite colors. I’m 57 wedges in so I’m hoping to be done in the next week or so. Project free-the-needles continues apace.

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  1. You can sure beast out a knitting project! I love the colors in this so much, it’s beautiful. Good luck on the bar I’m sure you will do great!

  2. I’m sure you’re right about absorbing more information when your hands are occupied, wishing you all the luck in the world with your exams. Fascinating shawl pattern, look forward to seeing how it turns out 🙂

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