White Christmas

Hello all! Are you having a good Christmas? Did you have a good christmas if you live in one of those far-away time zones? Christmas is just starting here and I’m waiting for the fam to show up in a few minutes.

There’s no chance that today will turn into a white Christmas here in the Pacific Northwest, but there’s still snowflakes in my apartment. See:

That, my friends is a double knit hot pad. TPHPE to be exact (the prettiest hot pad ever.) The pattern, by Heather Zoppetti, is free on Ravelry. It’s basically just a chart though, don’t expect instructions on how to do double knitting.

The cool thing about double knitting is it makes reversible fabric. Those two pictures are actually the two sides of the same hot pad. On one side your color A is dominant and your color B is the background. On the other side it is reversed. Don’t believe me?

See. Pretty cool. I made this because I was scheduled to teach a class on double knitting. Sadly the class didn’t happen, but it was good practice anyway. I used two colors of Rowan Handknit Cotton, a DK weight 100% cotton yarn. The colors I used are the creatively named 239 and 347.

Hope you have/had an awesome Christmas/holiday. Did you have real snowflakes?

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