The sweater I got to wear three times

Sadly, I’m almost finished updating you on all the projects I’ve completed in the past six months… There’s only one more after I show you this sweater. Then I can move on to showing you all the things that are on my needles currently… all TEN of them.

This project you’ve actually partially seen before. Here. And here. And here. But here it is for the first time completed.


This is my climbing vines pullover by Joelle Meier Rioux. The pattern was in the Winter 2008 issue of Interweave Knits, I loved it when I first saw it, but needless to say it took me a while to get around to finishing it. I started it in Wisconsin because I wanted to stash-bust the slightly bulky yarn before moving. Sadly, I didn’t quit finish and ended up just having to move the half-finished sweater. Then I spent the summer in New Mexico and didn’t really feel like working with a wool/angora blend. I finally picked it back up during the Portland winter.


The yarn is Berroco Pleasure which has been discontinued. It was picked up for me at a sale at my Wisconsin LYS for a song. The original price is about $14 per ball, but after all the discounts, I got it for about $5 per ball. The sweater bloomed quite a bit in the wash and does have a halo now from the angora but not terribly. It’s so snuggly, I find myself cuddling my arms and belly when I wear it… Probably I should make sure too many people don’t see me doing that…


Of course, basically as soon as I finished this, the weather turned beautiful and much to warm for wool. I managed to wear it about three times before the heat made it impossible, but now it is in my closet waiting impatiently for next winter.

The one single problem with this sweater is that it can’t be machine washed and it takes forever to dry. Its hard to find a place to lay it out for three days straight in my small apartment and with my cats… This is the 4th adult-sized sweater that I have completed and I have loved each of them so much. Luckily I have two more on the needles, which you will see soon, so hopefully there will be more in the future.

I’m Cursed

So last post was all about how I’m finally starting to get some energy back after adjusting to my big new workload and am finally starting to feel like I want to knit again… Well, says the Universe, We’ll see about that. Last post I showed you my Mojo socks:


If you look at the picture you can see the sock is on one circular needle. It’s only a 24″ needle which means that it’s impossible to work magic loop on. It’s arranged that way because the Yarn Destroyers, aka


decided that they didn’t like the two-circs method of sock knitting and plotted to relieve me of one of the needles I was using by chewing through it. I transferred all the stitches to the one remaining needle, but I can’t actually work on the sock now…

That’s OK, I say to myself, I’ve got a lot of other WIPs that I could give some attention to. So I pulled out my Climbing Vines pullover that’s been languishing in a box of “needs to be sorted through” stuff from the move. Back in Wisconsin I had completed the back and one sleeve, but once I moved to New Mexico working with aran-weight angora in the blazing summer didn’t seem very attractive. Once I got to Oregon it wasn’t as hot outside, but I have no air conditioner so until it cooled off here I had the same heat-induced adversity to working on the project. Now it’s become pleasantly cool and the sweater became a very attractive project. So I blazed through the second arm and was working away on the front. Then, I decided to put my knitting in my purse, just in case an opportunity to work on it while running errands presented itself. Apparently, one of the needles was sticking out a bit because as I walked up to the check out counter at the grocery store I must have clipped one of the displays because the next thing I hear is a snapping noise. Bye-bye number 7. Now, I don’t know if you remember, but I already broke my number 7s while working on this project and had to order a new set. I don’t know if this particular project is cursed or if it’s just me…

Now I do have two other projects that really do deserve attention, but come on universe! I was really on a roll with both projects and I want to work on THEM dang it! By the time the replacements arrive I’ll have lost all the momentum I built up and I’ll have to start getting enthusiastic all over again.

The truely problematic question is, be good and work on WIPs? or comfort myself by starting and exciting new project?

Not much progress…

So last week I felt very productive, knitting-wise, because I used my knitting to avoid a lot of stuff for school… This week, of course, I had to work out all the school stuff (of which there is still much more left) and so didn’t knit much.

I got one sleeve of my Climbing Vines Pullover done, but it only has 3/4 length selves so it went very fast. Here’s the finished sleeve:


It’s pretty impossible to get a picture of what this yarn actually looks like. It’s definitely not the bright red that this picture makes it looks like. It’s much darker and a little more maroon.

I also finished the Burger and a Movie Scarf that I have been working on all year. It’s blocking right now, but not dry yet. Here’s a picture of it all pinned down.


My scarf in all it’s Noro-glory. Actually, in three skeins I only found one knot, which, for Noro, is pretty good. I used up pretty much every last inch of yarn. Here’s all that was left.


Because of blocking, the scarf ended up being about 5.5 feet which for me is a bit short for a scarf, but I figure this will just be a tuck-under-the-coat type scarf. I’ll probably leave it with Andrew since he still has one more Wisconsin winter in front of him.

I got my Knit Picks order that had all the shipping problems today! I had ordered the Montavilla Market Bag kit which comes with four skeins of the new Simply Cotton organic undyed yarn. It’s so fantastically soft, I just keep petting the yarn. I actually cast on for the bag as soon as I opened the package but I only have 4 row knit so I didn’t think it quite merrited a picture… This is going to knit slowly because I’ll just be petting the yarn so much of the time.

How much have I been procrastinating this week?

This Much:


That’s right, remember last week when the back of my climbing vines pullover was only 1.5 inches… Well, now I’m almost done with the back, and it’s all thanks to the massive number of projects for school I have hanging over my head. Every time I think about how much work I’m going to have to do to get the 4 different papers that are due in the next two weeks done I pick up my knitting. While it doesn’t do much to solve the problem, it has kept me from jumping off the nearly-completed College Ave. bridge. If you’re wondering how I’ve been able to knit on this sweater when last week I posed a picture of my needles broken in several places, the answer is simple–Superglue and nail polish. They’re by no means perfect and my yarn snags just a little every row but at least I can knit. Can you see the chip?


I ordered some new needles on the 12th from Knitpicks but hit a SNAFU. They printed the shipping label without my street address, only my apartment number. Of course the post office couldn’t deliver the package so I called them and explained the problem. The first customer service person I talked to was a huge jerk and insisted that I must have forgotten to put my address in. I explained that their site remembers my address and that for my past 5 orders I’ve used the exact same address and there has never been a problem until now. She continued to insist that the problem MUST have come from my end but that she would “go ahead” and resend the package. I was so miffed at being talked down to as if I have never mailed a package and have absolutely no ideas about the intricacies of addresses. So a few days later I still haven’t gotten any info about my new package and I call back. This time I get a very helpful woman who told me that lately they have been having problems when customers using the auto-fill function on the address screen. She said that the previous customer service rep. had “noted the problem” but hadn’t actually initiated a new order, so if I hadn’t called back I never would have gotten my package. Now I can see the new order on line and everything seems to have been corrected. I wish I had gotten the names of the two women I spoke to so that I could let Knit Picks know that one was fantastic and the other very rude.

I’ve been pretty focused on the Climbing Vines so the progress on my other two projects is pretty minuscule. If I showed you new pictures you’d think they were the same ones as last week.

Now I really MUST stop knitting and get to work on those 4(!) papers… If anyone knows why Ghana turned to military rule after independence while Senegal became a One-Party State, I’d love to hear it…

A New Goal

Alright, so I’ve realized that I’ve done a terrible job of keeping up with this blog. I’m averaging about one post a month and that’s not very good seeing as I knit quite a bit in a month and then I have to have really long posts. And that makes me not blog very often because, when I do blog the posts have to be really long… So I’m breaking the cycle. I’m going to try to post at least once a week, and I’ve decided that Thursday will be the day that I WILL sit down and post. This will also help with the fact that I never seem to have many photos of WIPs, only finished products. So here’s what’s new since Tuesday…

I was so ecstatic after finishing Andrew’s sweater (he didn’t immediately break-up with me by the way) that I went combing the stash for a new exciting project. I really really want to make a Clapotis after seeing one that someone from my knit night made and I have the perfect lace yarn that I could hold double stranded. However, cross-country move June 2009 is rapidly approaching and I have an embarrassing amount of yarn here at school with me. In order to not shrink red-faced in shame when my mom looks in my closet, I decided that it would be wise to work on projects that will use substantial amounts of yarn, especially bulkier yarns… So I resisted the urge to cast on the Clap and cast on this instead:


I know you can’t tell yet but it’s the climbing vines pullover from Interweave Knits Winter 2008. I’m knitting it out of a discontinued yarn called Pleasure from Berroco. It’s a blend of Angora, Wool, and Nylon. The name says it all. This is the most fantastic yarn I have ever knit with. The yarn isn’t plied it’s corded and it’s heaven. The balls are marked as $13.50 per ball but Andrew bought it for me over the summer at a big clearance sale so it cost him about $4 a ball. Fantastic deal! So I cast this sweater on, got done with the ribbing, got out the needles I needed for the body, set them on the bed, went to get something from the other room, came back, sat down on the bed, and…


So I ordered another set of needles but they won’t be here until Monday. And, like The Hulk, That Makes Me ANGRY! I got all excited about a new project and now I have to wait. So I’ve been working on this instead:


It’s the Burger and a Movie Scarf from Never Knit Your Man A Sweater*. I started this way back in the fall when I first got to school as something that I could work on and read at the same time. It’s made with worsted weight Noro Kureyon even thought the pattern calls for Big Noro so my version is a bit lighter than the original, but since I’m moving to warmer climes it should work nicely.

I also have these socks, which I started way back in November. November 4th to be exact. I cast on on election day and worked the toe while Andrew was in some gymnasium voting.


This is from Sensational Knitted Socks and the pattern is called Small Capitals. The yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock which is very typically Noro in that the colors are awesome, but there are random knots leading to random colors, it’s full of vegetable matter, it’s single ply, it’s think and thin, and it’s a bit scratchy. I like Noro and I expect these things from Noro so I’m not disappointed, but if you don’t like what Noro does in the bigger weights, don’t buy the sock version. I think I went temporarily insane when I picked this pattern for this yarn because I usually never pair textured patterns with yarn that changes color drastically, but in this case I’m glad of my small aneurysm because I’m very happy with how these look–kinda like scales in rainbow colors.

So this post ended up being quite long anyway, but it’s because I dredged up all my WIPs to showcase. Now that you’ve seen them I can only post about what I’ve worked on each week and hopefully have a better record of my knitting for myself and a more exciting blog… We’ll see.