Happy Birthday Adam!

My gigantic/little brother turned 22 this month.  Naturally, I knit him his present.  A while back I came across a pattern for triforce gauntlets and thought they would be the perfect blend of nerdy nostalgia for Adam.

He seems to like them.  The pattern, by Emily Hastings, is free on Ravelry.  For those of you not familiar with one of the best videogame series of all time, the Triforce is from Zelda.  If you haven’t played Zelda, do, but be sure you have about 50 hours of free time you can afford to lose.
I gave him that shirt on a previous birthday.  I am an awesome sister.
The yarn is nothing special.  The brown is Red Heart Super Saver in Cafe Late and the tan is Vanna’s Choice in Linen.  Both are 100% acrylic.  Adam is super hard on all his clothes/belongings and acrylic seems to stand up the best to his shenanigans.
I know I’ve mentioned that my brother is a giant freak of nature but here’s a little more proof.  Above he is pictured with my dad who is 6’1″.  At 6’10” Adam is over a full head taller.  Freak.

Patience is not my strong suit

Patience is not a virtue that I was blessed with. Even though the tragedy is over and I know exactly where my Knitpicks harmony needle set is (namely Wisconsin) I am still not a happy camper because it means I have to wait for my roommate to first take them to the post office and then wait for the post office to deliver them to me. I have tons of needles that I could use… a full set of straights, a full set of double points, and two of the Boye circular sets from before the Knitpicks ones came out but I’ve grown picky and now I really only like the harmonies. In general I’d probably be perfectly happy to knit with the other if the harmonies were tied up but because I can’t have them right now they seem like the only thing worth using.

The Nintendo Cozy that I cast on for two days ago is all but finished, all I need to do is get some buttons and add them.

I game in style.
I game in style.

I used about 3/4 of a skein of Noro Silk Garden and loved it. It was quick and easy but there was enough pattern to keep my interest as well. Now I have the most stylish Gameboy around.

In darker news I frogged Andrew’s sweater the other day. It took less than 45 minutes to undo hours and hours of knitting. I can’t bring myself to try the pattern again so soon so I found a new patter and will try it. Here’s what’s left of the sweater…

Undone in a fraction of the time it took to knit
I washed the yarn and re-balled it so it’s ready for another go… as soon as the harmonies get here. That’s about all the news. The baby sweater is still waiting to be seamed and the shawl is in perpetual hibernation.