More quilts

So I finished the Tinkerbell quilt from the kit that was sent to me by Quilts for Kids.  It took about 3.5 hours to do all the quilting and finishing so that means that from start to finish this project took less than 8 hours.  Not too bad for something this adorable:

Oh yeah.  I may have also made a second Mickey Mouse quilt to send along with the first.  The Mickey quilt was from my own materials, not a kit.  It took three fat quarters of the light blue (background to the Mickeys) two of the dark blue for the border, and one each of the orange and white.  I bought two yards of the green which was used for the inner border, the backing, and the binding but I probably could have gotten away with only buying 1.75 yards.
After getting all the pieces cut out, I used the embroidery function of my sewing machine to embroider the Mickeys.
My machine is a Brother and that company has a license with Disney, so the machine is preprogramed with many adorable Disney characters.  Believe it or not, the faces took much longer than the full body Mickeys because I had to change the thread color so many times for the shading.  Here is a close up of each of the three embroidery patterns I used.
Since the Tinkerbell one is decidedly girly, I wanted to put together a quilt with a more “boy” feel.  I love how it turned out!
Because I had to cut all the pieces with my rotary cutter myself and do the embroidery it took many more hours to make the Mickey quilt, but it was so fun.  I rarely have an opportunity to use the embroidery function of my machine.  It’s not as cool to have Winnie the Pooh on your back pack when you’re 25 as it is when you’re 9.  Mostly if I use it, it’s to put my initials on stuff I don’t want stolen.  It was fun to bust out the Disney patterns.
All of the fabric for the second quilt was purchased for the project, and it plus two crib-sized poly battings only cost me about $30.  Both quilts were shipped USPS priority mail for about $14.  Overall I think it was great fun to make the quilts.  I like to think that they will make some families happy.
As a side note, the cats seriously hate the sewing machine.  They believe that the desk is theirs to lay on in the sun (its right under the window.)  Having a big machine that makes noise take up prime sunlight space seems to be nothing short of torture.  Every time I set it up, they glared at me and slunk off to the foor in front of the sliding glass door with a look that said “look at what you’ve reduced us to.”  They were very happy to see “their” space returned to its natural prime-lounging state on Sunday.Follow my blog with Bloglovin

The warm and fuzzies

I’ve been working on a project this week that’s been giving me the warm and fuzzies.  It’s a charity quilt for Quilts for Kids.  The give quilts to kids stuck in hospitals for all manner of sad reasons.  You can sign up on their website here and they will send you all the fabric you need to make your own charity quilt FOR FREE. I got my package Saturday

Why yes, that is Tinkerbell fabric you see.  So adorable.
The kit comes with all the instructions you need to put the quilt together but I think having some sewing experience would be good because some of the descriptions are a little sparse.  If you have a rotary cutter and mat, the project will fly by.
The only blocks that require any assembly are the four-square blocks.  The trick is to sew the two colors together in one long strip, then use the rotary cutter to cut the long strips into little rectangles.  Once you’ve got your rectangles you can just flip one upside-down and sew one seam.  The other blocks are solid, so no assembly at all there.
Here is what my blocks looked like all laid out before I sewed the blocks together.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally sew a block in upside-down.  I sewed the block together by sewing all the sides of the block together to make strips then sewing the strips together one on top of the other.  After the blocks are together it’s a simple matter of adding the border.
Seriously, from opening the package to finished quilt top took less than 4 hours.  The only step that remains is to lay it out with batting and the backing fabric and do the actual quilting.  I’m guessing it will be done by Sunday.  Compared to knitting sewing feels like instant gratification.  Do you sew too?
If you came here for a knitting project and are now disappointed, check out what all the other awesome bloggers are doing over at Tami’s Amis blog.


Lame title, I know. Hopefully I can make up for it by showing you a super-cool project.


Absolutely adorable right? Right. It’s a dinosaur! The coolest kind of dinosaur! A Triceratops! The pattern is so cute. It’s Triceratops Dinosaur by Joanne Succari.


My crocheting skills aren’t that great… as you can see the stuffing shows through a bit on the face. It doesn’t show as much as it looks like though. The flash really caught the white poking through. I love amigurumi toys! They are so wonderfully adorable. They’re also pretty easy to make. single crochet is about the only thing you need to know, as well as how to increase or decrease.


The yarn is pretty cheap. The body is Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice 100% acrylic. The frill and toenails are Plymouth Encore 75% acrylic/25% wool. I bought the Vanna’s Choice for $3 on clearance for this project and other fun amigurumi I have planned. The Encore was left over from a baby sweater. I could easily see myself getting wrapped up in making more cute crochet creatures.

I gave this cute little lady, who has been named Lucy the Triceratops, to Ryan. Last week he took me to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry because they had a T-Rex skeleton on display and we wanted to see it before the exhibit moved on. It was a fun dorky adventure and I wanted to make Ryan something cute to remember it. As a rule I don’t think he keeps too many toys in his apartment, but Lucy is sitting on his bookshelf in his living room. The pattern probably would have only taken about two evenings, but I was busy while making it and didn’t want to work on it in front of Ryan so it took about a week.

I just pinned down another FO for blocking so tomorrow you’ll get to see what I just finished! And I will only have 9 WIPs to show you after that…

A major acomplishment

Sorry for the extended absence. Like I mentioned last post, my brother has usurped my digital camera for the semester because he is taking a digital design class and needed one (which means I’m out a camera until mid-December–tell me how that’s fair.) So I’ve been reluctant to post because all the pictures I have are taken on my phone camera and therefore suck. However, some exciting things have happened recently and I wanted to share them. (I might actually post with some frequency until I’ve told you about them all!) The first, and most exciting thing is not knitting related: I FINISHED ANDREW’S QUILT!!!! (Sorry for shouting, I’m just really excited.)


Over two years ago, Andrew asked me if I would make him this quilt because like all scientists/men he loves dinosaurs. I think he’s read Jurassic Park about 100 times and Lost World about 200 more. (I’ve tried to convince him that Land Before Time is the best dinosaur movie of all time but to little avail.) Anyway, he fell in love with the quilt and asked for it. I had planed to give it to him on his birthday, November 19, 2007. I was totally on track too. I started early Summer of ’07 and had the entire quilt pieced by September 2007. Then I got the bright idea to use my (then) brand new fancy sewing machine to do a very fine stipple stitch for the background quilting… Very Fine… 2.0mm fine.


Two years later, it’s finally finished. Obviously I didn’t work on it very consistently in the two years (sometimes I just couldn’t bring myself to even look at the d**n thing) but I estimate that when it’s all said an done the stupid thing took about 40 hours just to quilt. But now it’s finished (don’t worry I gave Andrew a different present for his ’07 birthday. He hasn’t been waiting for two years…) and it’s in Wisconsin keeping Andrew warm through his last winter there.

Here is a close up of each of the different types of blocks.




The Triceratops is my personal favorite but Andrew likes the T-Rex (go figure.) Since finishing the quilt I’ve done quite a bit of knitting so there will be another post coming soon to describe that… with equally poor pictures.