I should know better


I pride myself on possessing a certain amount of self-awareness. However, sometimes I’m forced to come face to face with something that tells me I am not in touch with my own nature at all. Way back in November of 2010 I decided it would be a great idea to start a blanket of crochet squares. Out of Red Heart Super Saver. That’s right, I decided that a long-term, many-small-pieces, lots-of-ends-to-weave-in, lots-of-finishing-to-do project, out of Red Heart, would be a great idea. For the better part of four years, this was the only photo I bothered to take:

Granny Square


Every so often I would feel guilty, haul out this project and add another square to my pile. After a square or two, I’d loose attention and it would filter down to the bottom of the basket. I decided to just randomly pick blocks from 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans by Jan Eaton to make a sampler blanket.




I have one skein each of Super Saver in colors Carrot, Coffee, Aruba Sea, and Real Teal. The plan was always to make blocks until the yarn ran out and then use a skein of cream yarn to add a border to all the blocks and piece them together. The problems are many:

1) I hate big projects that are made of little pieces. I know some people feel like each piece is its own little accomplishment, but I find each completed piece to be a nice “stopping point” and it takes a lot of will power to start the next piece rather than a shiny new project.

2) I hate weaving in ends. There will be so so so many ends here.

3) While I don’tĀ hate seaming, it’s certainly not my favorite and there will be a lot of that here too.




Each square is about 16 inches to a side. Right now I have 18 squares. Two more and I could call it quits with a 4×5 block afghan. You have no idea how tempting it is to just crank out two more blocks, finish this sucker, and be done. I know, though, that I would really ratherĀ have a blanket that is 4×6. That means I need 6 more blocks, not 2.

Internet, I need you to make me work on this blanket. I’m making it your mission. If I start showing you other lovely things, things without a lot of finishing, things made with natural fibers, I need you to lay on the guilt, thickly. Mock me. Taunt me. Embarrass me. Anything to get me to power through these last agonizing hours of getting this done.

Long term project

Compared to knitting, crochet is easily a “less-favorite” craft. It can be fun for making amigurumi which are usually pot-bellied and adorable, and I did make a pretty cute summer dress, but it’s not my go-to craft by any means.

However, there is one thing that crocheters can make that knitters can’t really replicate. Granny Squares.


I know some people think granny squares are tacky (and they kind of are) but I love the way they look. Recently I picked up 200 Crochet Blocks and started picking out blocks just to experiment/brush up on my skills. The yarn is cheap-o Red Heart mostly because it’s cheap and machine washable so cat-hair accumulation won’t be difficult to deal with. I’m using a pretty big hook (size K) so my blocks are coming out about a foot square. I bought 4 skeins, the three colors you see above plus a burnt orange. I’ll make blocks until I feel I have a sufficient number for a good cozy blanket or I run out of yarn.

My holiday knitting has put this on the back burner for a bit (probably until after new year) then I will pick up the hook again. I really enjoy making these since each one is like a mini project in itself and brings its own feeling of accomplishment when finished.