Yarn Crawl

The first weekend in March was the Rose City Yarn Crawl.  The crawl celebrated it’s third year this year and was extremely fun.  Basically, 19 yarn shops in the Portland area (yeah, I am spoiled enough to live in a city with 19 yarn shops) go through a lot of trouble to make the weekend amazing.  There are special trunk shows and demos, most of the shops have yummy snacks, every shop designs a knitting pattern that you get free with purchase, and there is a drawing for a giant prize basket at every store.  Then there is a special drawing for the people who manage to make it to all 19 shops in one weekend.

I did not go to all 19 shops.  I went to 12.  In one day.  And Ryan came with me to all of them.  I know.  I am a bad girlfriend and he is an excellent boyfriend.  I did not buy something at every store, but I did walk away with quite a loot.

I seem to have focused either on blue/green or pink/purple.  Not surprising really as most of my stash fits one of those two categories.  Almost all of the yarns I got are yarns I’ve never tried before and don’t already have in my stash.  (I may have gotten a skein of Madeline Tosh Tosh Merino Light.  I don’t think I can be blamed for that, you try NOT buying TML, it’s hard!)
In one store we ran into a Spectra that had been knit up using Zauberball and a black yarn for the border.  Ryan was extremely taken with it and questioned my ability to duplicate it.  Confident in my knitter-fu I boasted that I could absolutely duplicate the scarf if I had the same color of Zauberball.  Ryan snatched up the last ball of the same color and bought it for me.  The gauntlet has been thrown down.
That multi-colored ball (that’s a “Zauberball”) and the black are being transformed into Spectra as we speak.  I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with shawl club, Spectra, and For Yarns Sake knit-a-longs.  At this point keeping up is probably impossible, I’ll just have to try not to fall too far behind.

You’ve been flashed


You’ve just been stash-flashed. That is a giant pile of all the yarn I own as of the new year. Actually, it’s not all the yarn I own because there is still some at my parents’ house in New Mexico that has never made it up to me…

I decided that my previous stash organization of “shove yarn in closet or under bed” was not working so well because when I wanted to work from stash I had to comb the apartment looking for the skeins I wanted all with added uncertainty because the yarn might actually be in the New Mexico stash.

I decided to take action. I pulled out every skein of yarn in my apartment and piled it on the floor to survey.


Then I organized it by weight into big plastic tubs. In the end I filled four 66 gallon tubs plus one and a bit of two 45 gallon tubs. I would like to say that this experience has staved me off of ever buying yarn again, but it has not… There is a Knit Picks order on its way to me as we speak… In my defense, two of the skeins coming are needed to finish a project that I underestimated yardage needs for (and the other 15 were being clearanced.)

If you would like a detailed accounting of what exactly is in my stash, my ravelry stash is completely up to date as of last night.


So I kinda fell off the wagon with the whole, post-at-least-once-a-week thing, but I have good reason. First, I, um, graduated from College!


So now I guess I’m like an adult or something… It’s weird. I’m going straight to law school in the fall though so I’ll have to give that whole real-world deal a rain check.

Before and after graduation I had to pack! Remember those photos of my room I showed you last post? Well, here’s the end result of all my effort:



Given all that, there was not much time for knitting. I finished one of my hope socks on the drive from Wisconsin to New Mexico, but I never get as much knitting done in the car as I think I will. I end up staring out the window or sleeping… Here’s the sock just after it came off the needles.


Now that I’m down in New Mexico I haven’t had time to knit much because my brother and Andrew are both visiting so I’ve been doing things with them before they go. I managed to frog my market bag back to the beginning of the lace section and knit it back to where it was sans errors. They were starting to multiply at an alarming rate to the point that I couldn’t just ignore them.

Just before I left school I knit a pair of fingerless mitts for one of the women I’ve been working with for the past four years. Like the coffee cozy, it came from a yarn sampler sold by Knit Picks last year. It was called the “Victorian” sampler and it came with one skein of all of their yarn lines that contain cotton and few simple one-skein patterns. The mits are the Victorian Sampler Fingerless Gloves and the yarn is Shine Sport in color Willow. It’s just as soft and nice to work with as the Shine Worsted, I’ll for sure use it again. The pattern was easy to follow but I omitted the picot bind-off because it didn’t look very good in most photos so I did three rows of 1×1 ribbing instead.



The reason that this post is called stash is because since I’ve been home this is the first time in a year that my entire stash has all been together in the same place and it’s a bit overwhelming! I decided to go through everything and add it to my Ravelry stash page and it’s working pretty well as a wake-up call. Check it out. And I’m still quite a ways from done… A good 1/3 of my stash is sock yarn… I knit about 3 pairs of socks a year… I can knit socks for the next TEN years and yet every time I walk into an LYS the first place I go is the sock yarn corner… I am now committing myself to no more yarn buying until after Christmas. I’m counting on you all to make sure that happens.

All in all I accomplished a lot life-wise in the past week and a half, but not really much knitting wise…