So close

I’m so close to being done with law school folks!  I can taste it.  Only one final exam stands between me and a JD.  I just finished a hellish exam in partnership taxation today and I’m rewarding myself with an evening of knitting before I hit the books again tomorrow.  This is what’s currently grabbing my attention at home:


This is the last installment from the Stephen West Westknits Shawl Club.  The pattern is called Cumulonimbus.  I’ve been making nice progress on it because it’s pure and simple garter stitch and that is all my brain can handle during finals season.
I’m going to hunker back down with my garter stitch for the rest of the night and revel in the fact that I can now forget everything I know about Subchapter K.  Only 4 more days until I’m no longer a student.  I will not miss taking finals one bit.